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I was watching a movie called “Tears of Love” in the movie called “The Artist” which is within another movie called “Ups and Downs”.
I didn't care about “Tears of Love” because it was far removed from the truth.
With “The Artist”, Yoko (the main actress of “Ups and Downs”) got identified with the emotions of the actors but the emotions didn't continue when the movie "The Artist" was over. She said "it was a good movie with great acting".

What to say about “Ups and Downs”...it's a spiritual love comedy which goes on and on...shot in Japan, India, and Europe, with an all star cast from all parts of the world including the main actress whose realistic acting touches your heart, full of dance, music, tears and laughter. Sounds like Bollywood? Well it's longer. It's been just too long even with breaks called meditation. I want “The End”.

Yoko (アップダウン劇場の主演女優)は、「アーティスト」の役者たちに感情移入して時々ホロっとしてました。でも映画が終わったら、「いい演技だったね」と笑っていました。


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The Evolution / 進化の過程

My youth was in the darkness.
The training days were too painful.
In this rosy days in my 50s, there is one very last unfinished business...


From the perception of the evolution it must be very important to be rich materially and spiritually in the dimension of the duality. Just as Gautam the Buddha, 2600 years ago, felt utterly frustrated with his wealth which no one can ever get and left everything behind in order to attain his very last desire “freedom”, this process of the evolution must be the intension of existence or the home of the soul itself to let every soul arrive home. They all seem to be equally precious effort to come home including doing the job they don't like in order to earn money, trying to find a meaningful job, making themselves attractive in order to meet the soul mate, all the theray groups, trainings, and all the techniques of meditation.


Meditation is not meaningful for a Buddha, for one who has attained the wholeness of his being. Meditation is a medicine; it has to be thrown. Unless you become capable of throwing your meditation, you are not healthy. So remember, meditation is not something to be carried forever and ever. The day will come when the meditation has worked and it has no longer needed. Then, you can forget it.
Osho from "The Orange Book"

Osho 「オレンジブック」より

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A Thirst for Freedom / 自由への渇望

Sitting in the park all day surrounded by the fresh green leaves of May 2012 has been my habit these days. Repeating the very last wish out of thousands of others “I want to be free”, I notice that a big black crow comes right next to me and starts reading the words of Poonjaji over my shoulder.

“In order to acquire freedom, feel an urge to get it. Then you would manage to reach the source. This intense decision may happen only once in a lifetime. But once is enough. You have come to this life as a human being after repeating millions of times of transmigration and in this life for the first time you have come to feel such a rare urge to be free. It is really rare.”

I told the crow who could have been me some lives ago, “This is not yet for you darling. You don't even know that you are not free, do you? Hundreds lives more to become a human being and hundreds and hundreds more to be suffered in the dimension of samsara, the duality. You don't know what kind of hell I went through!”


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A Principle of Love / 愛の原理

Love comes and goes... and a new one comes again and again …
Love is everywhere if you're not fixed.
Sometimes when outer love relationship doesn't seem to be active you can be so excited within giving equal freedom and chances to both the male and the female.

“Mum, I was right not to get married, ain't I?”




テーマ : ひとりごと
ジャンル : ライフ

Somehow I Knew... / 予知能力か、偶然か?

On 10 Mar, just a day before the earthquake, we were reviewing the news topics which we had been studying in the English course for the last 6 weeks. Many of them were about ecology and environmental issues. Our teacher asked us; “Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the global ecology?”. I answered; “I don't want to be pessimistic but the situation is quite serious and maybe we'll have to go through a total catastrophe sooner or later (I remember the teacher corrected my pronunciation for catastrophe). And those who survive may create a new world with a different dimension of consciousness.”

東日本大震災の前日、3月10日にサイマルアカデミーのクラスで過去6週間に勉強したニュースのおさらいをしていました。生態系や環境問題に関するものが多く、先生は私たちに「あなたは地球環境の未来に楽天的ですか、悲観的ですか?」と聞きました。私は、「悲観的ではいたくないけれど、現実の状況はきびしく、大災害は免れないでしょう。生き残った者たちが全く異なる次元の意識に目覚め、新世界を創造するのかも知れません。」と答え、大災害=catastrophe の発音を指摘されたことを覚えています。

The devastating earthquake in Japan may be only the beginning. Isn't it too cruel if much more price has to be paid even it's meant to be so.


After the earthquake one of the 2 wine glasses that my lover gave me broke when I picked it up gently for washing. Later I told him that I felt I was losing him. He denied but it felt too symbolic and that's exactly what had happened 2 weeks later.



Losing security anywhere outside I'm reminded again to reconnect with my only security, the inner resource which knows no death. And that's what we were practicing in the White Essence Training.


Too good to be true...


テーマ : 生きることは学ぶこと
ジャンル : ライフ

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